Wholistic Life Coaching - Supporting you to empower yourself....
Want to move forward?

Got relationship?  We all have.    Growing closer is one of the gifts we offer our loved ones.  In a safe setting, share what has been difficult to share and experience the joy of deeper understanding and appreciation of your relationships - partner, friends, parents, or children..  Make an appointment for your free consultation.

I am a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and a Life Coach. I have a passion for supporting individuals, couples and families to live more consciously and authentically. My life experiences and training have provided a holistic foundation – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually - to help you with healing, change, and growth.

Being with a trusted person can facilitate your exploration of your inner world, challenge your old patterns and reactions, be present in the now and help you move forward. In this process, you then feel more connected to yourself and in your relationships. I can help you achieve goals for a meaningful career aligning with your life purpose.

"From the very beginning working with Lynn, she has had a natural instinct and a heartfelt passion for reaching people where they need to be reached. She has been unwavering with her patient support and her aptly placed kick in the pants when I needed it. We all want a smart, well- trained Life Coach. She is that and she is living her life as an example for all of us."            

~ Rolly F., San Diego, Yoga Teacher/Educator 
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